An awesome compendium of useful identification tips, natural history tidbits, and striking photographs that is sure to heighten every visitor’s experience. Don’t go herping in the Mojave without it!

Dr. Emily Taylor

Associate Professor of Biology, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Emily Taylor, Ph.D

Jeremiah Easter

Co-founder of Herp Nation Magazine
Jeremiah Easter

I have often said that there is no place as enchanting as the Mojave Desert and now I am pleased to say that Parker and Brito have put together a must-have field guide that does the region justice.

Dr. Stephen P. Mackessy

Professor of Biology, University of Northern Colorado
Stephen Mackessy

Parker and Brito’s excellent new field guide is a “must carry” reference for anyone interested in the herpetology of the Mojave Desert, from amateur naturalist to seasoned scientist. It is richly illustrated and contains a wealth of information on the habits of and habitats occupied by the amphibians and reptiles adapted to these arid lands of the Southwest. The taxonomic treatment is up-to-date, and the novel species account presentation, with range maps, photographs and natural history accounts, makes species identification a simple task. Highly recommended!

Polly Conrad

Joint National Steering Committee Co-chair, Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
Jane Feldman

This field guide is a valuable, user-friendly and long over due resource for anyone interested in the identification, viewing or conservation of the fascinating amphibians and reptiles of the Mojave Desert. Take this book on all of your Mojave Desert adventures!

Polly Conrad photo © Jessie Stegmeier.
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